Increasing Productivity

Business Problem

Based on ticketing system data analysis, it was discovered that close to 70 of the calls were related to:

 • Unlocking user accounts

• Password resets

• RSA Token issues

• Applications health checks

• AWS Workspace issues

• Tickets routed to wrong groups


The goal was to:

• Bring operational efficiency

• Reduce operational cost

• Minimize human error

• Improve customer service


A deep analysis was conducted to automate redundant processes, eliminate inefficiencies, cut costs, and improve speed and performance.


Alpha has used hyper automation, Machine Learning, and Conversational AI technologies to solve problems addressing inefficient practices. Our methods have combined Natural Language Processing (NLP), Chatbot, and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to provide solutions that address customer requests, gather further details, retrieve information, preform necessary operations, and present results without human intervention. 

Previous work

Alpha Client Use Cases

Below are examples of specific work we have previously implemented to aid our clients with productive workplace structures.

method windows active directory

For more information:

method Application Health Checks

For more information:

method Integrating AWS Workplace

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Overall, we at Alpha are here to provide innovative technological solutions to problems that may interfere with productivity and efficient business operations.

Release time to key workers

Our solutions manage mundane clerical tasks so key talent can focus on activities that add value to customers and stakeholders.

Human Error Elimination

Automation with RPA eliminates human errors fulfilling processes predictably every time.

24/7 Observation

Robotic processes are run 24/7 for their designated tasks to maximize the ROI available while reducing errors and inconsistencies.

Easily Integrated

Our solutions can be customized to complement existing RPA systems. Our solutions can painlessly access data from multiple sources.

Agility and scale

Solutions can be re-trained as needed and implemented to meet a variety of business needs. Furthermore, our solutions are scalable to enterprise size.


Advanced automation solutions offer organizations the added benefit of being able to direct their own technological process customized to the needs of the enterprise