• We are excited to offer our Blockchain Lab-as-a-Service.
  • Alpha will be fully responsible for execution of all PoCs.
  • Alpha will assess any Blockchain product (PoC) on behalf of client.
  • Alpha will create robust environments and integrate Blockchain platforms for testing & research.

Alpha's Blockchain Lab-as-a-Service


  • How to maintain regulatory compliances in verifiable, safe & secure manner.
  • Ensuring security of critical data.
  • Poor governance & control due to lesser visibility & centralization.


  • PoCs
  • Create Robust Blockchain Environment for testing.


  • Alpha will provide Blockchain Lab-as-Service that will encompass execution of all PoCs for Blockchain.
  • Alpha will create a robust Blockchain environment on all platforms for research & testnets.


  • Blockchain based records management with published unique signature for regulatory records.
  • Blockchain based data verification & authentication system.
  • All actions of business stakeholders to be recorded into Blockchain with tracking details for better visibility & governance.


As per the market studies by leading consulting firms, Blockchain adoption by banks will save them 30 to 50% on reporting, compliance & business operations
Alpha’s Blockchain Lab-as-a-Service will offer a more comprehensive package compared to competitors.
Alpha will offer free infrastructure assessment, feasibility analysis, integration testing & free documentation of environment.

Alpha's Proof of Work

We Provide Blockchain-Lab-as-a-Service to a Leading Investment Bank in New York.

Scope of Work:

Our Current Blockchain Lab Services include ongoing support, expansion and development of the BlockChain lab as well as Development/Operations support for Client’s larger BlockChain initiatives.
Installation, configuration and maintenance of the virtual lab environment on a 5X24 basis.

  • Setup and configuration of the nodes including creating new Virtual Machines (VMs) within the virtual lab environment
  • Modify policies and security and other changes to the virtual network as necessary to support client’s Blockchain efforts
  • Configuration and maintenance of the Testnet environment for application developers to experiment
  • Configuration and maintenance of the code repositories for the “testnets.”
  • Code management within the lab environment, including tracking the movement of code (upload and download)
  • Managing the scaling and load testing within the environment by provisioning multiple agents
  • Creating pre-provisioned environments for training and code demo.
  • Access and Security Management of the virtual lab environment
  • Keeping track of all user access and passwords used within the environment
  • Ensuring the integrity of the environment by ensuring only client authorized developers have access
  • Work in tandem with the client’s security teams to maintain the integrity of the connections between client’s networks and the Jump Host Environment
  • User access reporting
  • Provide client with reports on user access and the movement of data in and out of the environment
  • Create and maintain sandbox environment where users can add/delete without impacting any other environment
  • Provide client with projections for cloud migration (Azure vs AWS) and provide functions services concerned with assessing and optimizing the use of cloud services.
  • Setting up an environment where developers can log in and request Corda Node creations.
  • Provide monthly audit report to ensure no Contracting Party employees / contractors downloaded, uploaded and / or transferred any code from the virtual lab / environment for any personal use or any other purpose not approved by client. Leverage security software and other third party tools (e.g. Cyber Ark) to facilitate audit
  • Integrated Scheduler and Rich list of Trigger Options
  • Setup a workshop immediately, upon approval, with key client stakeholders to refine virtual lab requirements needed for the calendar year
  • Leverage pre-made plug-ins or our API to provision Dev/Test environments directly from preferred continuous integration (CI) tool, integrated development environment (IDE), or automated release pipeline
  • Establish a foundation which support scalability globally
  • Developing and configuring an enterprise governance structure for the lab
  • Developing an end-to-end enterprise account structure with basic automated provisioning