Our Services

We customize solutions to meet your business needs.

Alpha offers Blockchain “Lab-As-A-Service”

  • Our engineers evaluate clients existing Blockchain cloud Infrastructure and make necessary recommendation based on past performances.
  • Our experienced staff is responsible for execution of PoCs and rolling them into production.
  • Our engineers create robust environment and integrate Blockchain platforms for testing and research.
  • Our team works directly with stakeholders to build MVP (minimum viable products).


  • Proof Of Concepts (PoCs).
  • Create Robust Blockchain Environment for testing.


  • Blockchain based records management with published unique signature for regulatory records.
  • Blockchain based data verification & authentication system.
  • All actions of business stakeholders to be recorded into Blockchain with tracking details for better visibility & governance.


  • To maintain regulatory compliance in verifiable, safe and secure manner.
  • To ensure security of critical data.
  • Poor governance and control due to lesser visibility and centralization.


  • Alpha provides Blockchain “Lab-as-Service” that encompasses execution of PoCs for Blockchain.
  • Alpha creates robust Blockchain environment on multiple platforms for research & testnets.

Benefits of Blockchain

Market research by leading consulting firms has demonstrated that Blockchain adoption by financial institutions is a valuable investment. Institutions can save between 30 to 50% on reporting, compliance, and business operations. Alpha’s Blockchain “Lab-As-A-Service” offers comprehensive packages over our top competitors. Our organization offers infrastructure assessments, feasibility analysis, integration, and testing at no extra cost.

Alpha has provided Blockchain “Lab-As-A-Service” to leading investment banks in the United States.

Our current Blockchain Lab services include ongoing support, expansion, and development of the Blockchain lab. In addition, we provide development and operations support for client’s larger Blockchain initiatives.

  • Cloud and on-premises Blockchain ecosystem deployment.
  • Nodes installation and configuration.
  • Security policies administration and management.
  • Key access and security management.
  • Code repositories administration & management.
  • Blockchain ecosystem license management.
  • 24×5 or 24×7 support.
  • Blockchain ecosystem reporting & analytics.