On-Shore Off-Site I.T Managed Services

Alpha’s “On-Shore Off-Site” Managed Services provides a viable & cost effective alternative to companies who are looking to offshore IT services to reduce costs. Our program is also geared towards companies who are just looking to reduce I.T costs while increasing efficiencies.  Our Work includes:

Infrastructure Engineering & Support
Application Development & Support
Cloud Architecture & Support

Key Benefits

Includes regulatory, compliance, business continuity risks & cross border data security.

We ensure the delivery of secure, robust, and compliant infrastructure.

Client-specific security and compliance requirements.

These include attrition rate, vacancy/occupancy, travel, training, infrastructure, opportunity, knowledge transfer and transition costs.

Alpha absorbs overall infrastructure costs – clients pay only for what they consume.

Core competence in staff-augmentation – allows us to find the skilled talent within client’s budget.
Talent optimization – staff is ramped-up or down based on client requirements as we have access to hundreds of thousands of skilled I.T resources.

Work distribution across functional areas thus passing savings on to our clients.

Reduction in manual processes due to automation.

Development of an innovation lab in our facility.

Dedicated Client Relationship & Account Manager.

Goal is economies of scale – as clientele grows and efficiencies increase, this benefits everyone.

Our operational approach is based on the “lean strategy” – maximize customer value while minimizing waste.
No double-dipping of resources.