I.T Niche Training & Innovation

Alpha Technologies innovation lab/maker space will focus on developing new and enhancing current automation tools while developing core competence in emerging technologies. Our innovators and developers work with our partners to tailor tools to automate tasks and functions for our clients as appropriate.

Our Automation Strategy Will Help

 Key Benefits

Alpha’s Advantage

I.T Training program is geared towards providing continuous pipeline for “niche” talent as well as training resources for hard to find talent (ServiceNow, Salesforce, Blockchain, Workday, Data Analytics etc).

Sample of Courses Offered

Alpha’s I.T Training of niche technologies is designed to develop the right technical skills for the jobs of today and the future.

Our program caters to:
Tier A

Prospective Trainees would include college graduates and veterans who are looking to develop proficiencies in IT disciplines and pursue a career in IT. We partner with local universities to identify high-performing college students who are about to graduate.

Tier B

Prospective Trainees would be those who are already in I.T or other areas of business and are looking to deepen their knowledge in I.T or develop a career in I.T respectively. Alpha will tailor training to meet the needs of our clients based on their needs for skills in their critical strategic application matrix.