Personal Computing/Desktop Services

Purpose: To gauge the current infrastructure of the client.

Field of business

  • Client’s field of business, e.g. medicine, finance, or engineering
  • This is to validate any regulatory requirements of the hardware and

Site locations

  • The number and designations of all client sites for identification
  • The work conditions at all sites, e.g. office, manufacturing

Client computers

  • The number of computers including but not limited to desktops, laptops, tablets, phones, and specialized equipment that may need legacy or another type of connection to

Client computer specifications

  • The current specifications of the client computers that should include:
    • Unit make and model
    • Processor make and model
    • Memory amount and type
    • Storage amount, type, and hard drive size
    • Operating system and version

Peripheral machines and equipment

  • The number of printers, fax machines, scanners, copiers, and other peripheral machines including their site and location information
  • The type of interface used, e.g. networked, local / USB, 25-pin serial, etc.…


  • The type of environment at each site that deviates from normal office conditions, e.g. high humidity, caustic chemical usage, excessive particulate matter


  • The electronic security that is currently deployed including:
    • Hard drive encryption
    • Anti-virus and status, e.g. licensed or free
    • Centralized management, e.g. Windows Service Update Server or centralized anti-virus management


  • Current specialized applications used by the client including:
    • Electronic medical record software
    • Enterprise resource planning software
    • Graphical design software

Purpose: To gather note customer wants and needs in relation to their IT infrastructure.

Client growth

  • This is to validate any regulatory requirements of the hardware and Client input on how fast their business is expanding the number of their physical locations and their average rate of growth for employees.

Client requests

  • Client requests for specific features they would like that could include:
    • Specific type of desktop form, e.g. small form factor, tower, or micro
    • Flat screen displays
    • Specific hardware requirements for laptops
    • Specific platform the client would like to move to, e.g. Office 365

Regulatory compliance

  • Current and future regulations the client is required to adhere to regarding their IT infrastructure, e.g. PCI DSS and HIPAA regulations


  • Client budget constraints
  • Education on unrealistic budgets for projects

Purpose: To use the audited information and the client’s input to design a specified system, estimate the cost, and receive approval from the Client.

Client computer and specifications

  • Computer that will meet the required specifications of the client workstation

Client server and specifications

  • Server that will meet the required specifications of the client environment, e.g. rack mount or tower based server
  • Additional server features for security, e.g. Active Directory, Network Policy Service, etc...

Client peripheral equipment

  • Additional equipment that will be installed on site, e.g. Network Attached Storage, Multifunction Printer, etc...


  • Quote costs of upgrade parts, hardware, software, and labor for the project

Purpose: To get client approval or requests for addition or change to the original scope of the design.


  • Final client requests for change
  • Client signed approval of the system designation
  • Client signed approval of the system cost quote
  • System equipment purchase and ordering

Purpose: To ensure factory defect free equipment and ensure swift installation and trouble free setup of client system.

Image creation

  • Base operating installation
  • Driver additions for requisite hardware
  • Included software installation and validation

Test Build

  • Setup and image all client laptops, desktops, and tablets
  • Setup and image all client servers
  • Configure standalone network
  • Configure the server services including, but not limited to:
    • Attach all workstations and peripheral machines to the test build domain
    • Repair and RMA as needed for any factory defects
    • Power down and dismantle the test build, then package the system for transportation to the installation site

Purpose: To finalize all standing obligations of both parties and confirm the installation date of the system as well as how the system will be installed.


  • Financial obligations are met
  • Installation type:
    • Phased installation over several days while business is running
    • Shutdown and install
  • Confirm installation date
  • Prepare method of system transportation and technicians assigned for installation

Purpose: To install the system as requested and verified its operation.


  • Validate that the system has been installed according to the installation checklist
  • Validate all aspects of the system functionality with the client
  • Collect client signature verifying that the checklist has been completed and the system is running to their satisfaction

Purpose: To configure a centralized management solution to address security, patch, software, hardware, and operating concerns.

Endpoint Solutions

  • Operating system updates:
    • Windows Server Update Service
  • 3rd Party software patch management
  • Anti-virus and malware remediation:
    • AVG Business Internet Security Anti-virus
  • Physical asset security:
    • Full disk encryption for mobile computers
    • Group policy to avoid payload USB devices
  • Software and hardware management:
    • OCS Inventory NG

Purpose: To provide technical support to client systems.

Post installation support

  • One month support following a system installation

Tiered Support

  • Bronze tier support includes:
    • Remote support
    • Tier 1 Network Monitoring
    • Basic maintenance script
  • Silver tier support includes:
    • Remote support
    • Tier 2 Network Monitoring
    • Software & Hardware installation
    • Workstation configuration, deployment, and management
    • On-site support
    • Virus and Malware removal
  • Gold tier support includes:
    • Silver Tier support
    • Image creation and management
    • Asset tracking and management

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