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On-Shore Off-Site IT Managed Services

Our On-Shore Off-Site IT Managed Services program provides cost-effective, high-quality, flexible IT Infrastructure, Application, Cloud and Security engineering/development and support services geared towards helping businesses:

Increase Operational Efficiencies

Reduce Operational Costs

Reduce Operational Risks

Our Methodology

Our model eliminates internal costs associated with attrition/vacancy, occupancy, knowledge transfer and infrastructure

Core competence in Staff-Augmentation - allows us to find the right talent at the right cost and at the right time to meet our client needs

Work distribution across functional areas thus passing savings on to our clients

Established relationship with channel/industry partners – compliant solutions delivered on-time and within budget

Implemented an IT Training and Innovation Center focusing on automation, reduction in manual processes and developing skills in emerging technologies

Our operational approach is based on the “lean strategy” – maximize customer value while minimizing waste

Flexible Delivery

Alpha’s operating model also allows our clients to choose from a suite of flexible delivery models based on their respective needs. Our delivery models include

IT Managed Services in our Facility

We hire the staff and manage client’s infrastructure and applications from our sites

IT Managed Services in client’s Facilities

We manage client’s infrastructure or applications from client’s site with our employees

Hybrid IT Managed Services

We share in the support and management of client’s infrastructure and applications (on-site and off-site)

Managed Capacity

We provide business continuity, disaster recovery and recovery management services in our facilities

Project Management and Delivery

We manage client’s IT and business projects, partially or turn-key delivery