Migrating to a Cloud environment can be a challenging journey. Alpha’s Enterprise Cloud Services (ECS) can offer clients peace of mind before, during and after the journey to a new environment with our highly recognized Cloud enablement services, processes, discipline & best practices. The entire service package can be leveraged or individual services can be selected for specific solutions. Services can be offered as part of migration to a new hosting or new and existing Cloud environments. These services are completely vendor agnostic and neutral. ECS services utilize:
*Best in class tools to analyze existing environments to support, scale and enable a factory services approach
*Hands-on engagement with client to ensure deep working knowledge of needs
*Customized approach to meet each client’s unique needs since every business has unique requirements.
The Workload Migration and Optimization Service specifically examines a client’s existing applications and infrastructure in the development of assessments and proposals. It also looks at a client’s overall business needs, and proposes new Cloud applications to fulfill needs beyond the client’s existing capabilities. The Enterprise Cloud Service bundles multiple individual service elements into a higher level, orderable set of three service packages. Many service elements can still be ordered individually. All services or service elements have been defined in detail below

Cloud Workload Migration & Optimization (CWMO)

Cloud Devops Setup & Integration (CDSI)

Cloud Managed Services & Governance (CMSG)

Alpha Cloud Migration Service Roadmap

Alpha Managed Service