Introduction to Alpha’s AV/VC Services

With unified communications, multiple modes of business communications are integrated giving rise to easy in better collaboration between teams anytime/anywhere. AV/VC collaboration is not a specific product but a collection of elements that includes:

Call control and multimodal communications

Tele Presence

Instant messaging

Speech access and personal assistant

Conferencing (audio, Web and video)

Collaboration tools


Business process integration

AV/VC & Collaboration deployments can help businesses:

  • Boost productivity
  • Increase revenues
  • Reduce costs
  • Enhance customer relationships
  • Increased responsiveness
  • Accelerated collaboration

This leads to aggregation of the communication services that people use into a single interface, including instant messaging, voice, presence, video conferencing, desktop sharing, apps and so on. Video conferencing has been around for many years, but thanks to advances in technology and falling costs, video has now become a mainstream means of collaboration for businesses of all sizes. The options range from free social platforms like Skype, to web conferencing platforms like GoToMeeting, room-based video at around $10,000 per room to equip, or telepresence rooms that can cost $100,000 or more to outfit. These options offer the ability to join meetings from mobile clients on smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Plan of Action (Framework)

Framework for a well-thought-out AV/VC roadmap is critical which adds value up front, helps clients carefully plan and successfully deploy. Below are the high-level elements of the plan action for an AV/VC deployment.