Innovation and Automation

Alpha’s Innovation and Automation program focuses on developing new and enhancing current automation tools while developing core competence in emerging technologies. Our innovators and develops work with our clients to tailor these tools to automate business-as-usual functions and streamline IT and business processes.

Our main areas of focus are

Infrastructure / Application Automation (e.g. configuration management)

Robotic Process Automation

Convergence - Software Defined Networks

Mobile Apps Development

Cloud Technologies

Block Chain – Lab-as-a-service

Benefits of Alpha’s Innovation and Automation Program

Reduction in manual and business-as-usual processes

Client’s IT resources focus on more core IT functions

Streamlining the use of SSH for application deployment and system administration tasks

Make it easier for cloud engineers and other IT professionals to write portable administration and deployment scripts

Automate repetitive infrastructure tasks such as nodes updates and patches

IT engineers to build complete deployments and transform nodes from bare-metal into a ready state production cluster quickly and easily

IT cloud engineers to build complete cloud environment with a few commands